NHS worker ‘gutted’ after McDonald’s serves up pot of pickles instead of nuggets

NHS worker ‘gutted’ after McDonald’s serves up pot of pickles instead of nuggets

An NHS worker was left gutted when he opened his box of chicken nuggets to discover he’d been served a huge number of gherkins instead.

Girlfriend Megan Taylor, 25, said her boyfriend Stuart, 27, was gutted after returning home from his late shift to find he’d been left in a pickle.

Stuart didn’t realise that there’d been a mistake with his order of a large chicken McNugget meal until he got home to Wombourne, Wolverhampton, after picking up the meal around 10pm.

Megan said: “His work is just crazy and he never knows when he’s going to come home or even get two minutes to himself to get a bite to eat.

“He’d only just finished work and he was starving on his way home so he grabbed a McDonalds because it was quick.

“But when he got home and opened the box he looked like he could just cry. We couldn’t believe it. At first I laughed but then I saw his face and I could tell he was gutted.

“He was so hungry and he just wanted to eat his dinner, you don’t expect to open your meal and see a load of gherkins.”

Stuart ordered the late-night meal from McDonald’s Penn Road branch in Wolverhampton after his shift on Tuesday, September 14.

McDonald gherkins famously divide the nation with some obsessed by the green snacks while others are not a fan.

The couple who are expecting their first baby together, claim they thought the mix up was a prank by staff.

Megan said: “It must be intentional because how can you mistake gherkins for nuggets.

“They don’t look anything alike and surely they would have noticed while they were filling the box if it was a mistake.”

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said: “We are sorry to hear about this customer’s experience. We would encourage them to contact our Customer Services team who can provide them with further assistance.”